Courtley Manor


Courtley Manor

A Gothic Sims Webcomic

by Ravencry Studios

The creation of this webcomic began in late 2015 and was first published in January 2016 to Tumblr. Images were uploaded periodically as they were created, which also required extensive gameplay, so updates were extremely irregular. This new WordPress blog aims to present the existing content in serial form to a growing audience as new content is being created, thus preventing any future lapses in publication.

Courtley Manor is written and presented as if it were a soap opera, featuring an ensemble cast of characters whose lives are intertwined, and thus no single Sim can be considered the main protagonist. The storylines are whimsical and satirical, and inspired not merely by the charm and humour of the Sims games themselves, but also such Gothic favourites as Dark Shadows, The Addams Family, and The Munsters, and of course, the Universal classic monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman.

The webcomic frequently crosses the line over into parody, doesn’t pretend that the world it depicts is anything other than that created for The Sims 2, and sometimes even breaks the fourth wall. Replete with pop culture references and ridiculous spoofs, it pays homage to many artistic creations frequently lampooned and even borrowed from by numerous creators. No copyright infringement is intended. The Sims franchise is the sole property of Electronic Arts, Inc., as are any and all characters depicted herein not created by us.

Posts to this blog are meant to be read in chronological order starting from the oldest, numbered 000000, and continuing up to the latest. Each post is categorized according to its relevance to principal characters so that readers can follow the storyline of a specific character if they choose to. This sometimes results in an entire scene being added to the category belonging to a character who does not physically appear in the scene, due to the events depicted having significant relevance to the character’s story arc, even if that may not become apparent until later.

We hope you enjoy our stories as much as we enjoy telling them.

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